Healthy Options

Ideal for Slimming Plans

We are proud of the fact that we produce curries using a minimal amount of oil in our restaurant. We can also make curries and meals that are suitable for those on a healthy eating plan. We do this by producing curries without additional oil and by using fry-light spray where required. Dishes that usually contain sugar are also adapted by the use of Splenda® instead. The results are that these meals are extremely healthy and still retain all the usual flavours you would expect to taste in your chosen dish.

We firmly believe that just because you are on a healthy eating plan or a member of a slimming organisation it shouldn’t mean that you cannot enjoy your favourite foods. As those who are following a slimming plan know, it’s not always the food you choose to eat that is potentially fattening, more often than not it is how it is prepared and cooked prior to being eaten! We have simply applied the plan that you follow at home to food produced in our restaurant.

Your favourite foods – cooked the healthy way

We have a vast range of foods that can be adapted to be a healthy option. Look for the dishes on our menu with red hearts next to them on the left hand side – this means they can be adapted to be cooked healthily. Please ensure that you inform your waiter/staff member that you require the healthy option when ordering your meal.